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Video: Russell Westbrook Gives Ridiculous Answer When Asked About Kevin Durant

Press interviews are no longer Russell Westbrook's biggest problem.

It seems that (possibly) jilted, (definitely) pissed off Russell Westbrook can't go anywhere without people asking him about his former bestie Kevin Durant.

Random Facebook user Aijalon O SoGmfe was waiting in line somewhere with Westbrook and of course couldn't waste an opportunity to put salt on his obviously deep wounds by asking him how he feels about Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors - while filming him, of course.

His response? An extremely exaggerated laugh and a wide smile as he walked away from the camera.

You can watch the video below via Facebook.

Posted by Aijalon O SoGmfe on Thursday, July 28, 2016

Durant denies telling Westbrook that he was coming back to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he did acknowledge that their relationship would "never be the same."

At least one thing is clear here: Westbrook isn't letting go of Durant's perceived betrayal just yet.