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Jabrill Peppers Makes Rutgers' Entire Defense Miss On Punt Return (That Was Called Back)

This absurd punt return by Jabrill Peppers may not have counted, but it's worth watching over and over and over again.

Jabrill Peppers was ranked as the No. 1 ATH of the 2014 college football recruiting class and this play shows why he was so highly regarded:

If you were keeping count, that was six Rutgers defenders Peppers made miss.

The highlight of the play comes when he is near the 30-yard-line. Peppers gets grabbed from behind, and while he is being touched by a defender, he starts a spin move. Midway through said spin move a defender zones in on him yet he dodges his attempt by going low and making the defender completely whiff.

Unfortunately, the touchdown was called back for a block in the back by the Wolverines. It's still an unbelievable play that needs to be seen.

Peppers has shown that he can do it all as he has two rushing touchdowns against Rutgers on the night and we've only reached halftime. He has 74 yards on just three rush attempts.

The Wolverines lead the Scarlet Knights 43-0 at the half.