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No Damage Found At Gas Station Ryan Lochte, Teammates Allegedly Vandalized

There is a new twist in the Ryan Lochte-Brazil saga.

Ryan Lochte and three of his teammates allegedly vandalized a Rio gas station bathroom and then lied about it, saying they were robbed. Lochte has since issued this apology, one of his teammates, Jimmy Feigen, is set to make an $11k donation to a Brazilian charity and the foursome has been harshly criticized across social media.

However, the TODAY show visited the gas station Lochte and his teammates allegedly vandalized and they could not find any significant signs of damage. Today correspondent Keir Simmons visited the gas station that Lochte, Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz allegedly damaged and couldn't really find anything.

The only real sign of damage was a scratch to this sandwich sign, which they reportedly paid $400 for.

The TODAY show, CNN and TMZ are all reporting that this is the only sign of damage.

">August 19, 2016

Will we ever find out the full extent of what really happened?