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Ryan Lochte Signs Endorsement Deal With Cough Drop Company

After losing four endorsements this week, Ryan Lochte has started a comeback campaign.

Yesterday, Ryan Lochte announced his likely appearance on the reality dance show "Dancing With the Stars." Today, the 32-year-old wracked up a new endorsement deal.

The gold medalist remains in the hot seat after claiming that he and three other American swimmers faced a robbery after partying during the Olympics. However, truth ultimately emerged: Lochte and his teammates allegedly trashed the restroom at a gas station. Unfortunately for Team USA, the scandal went viral, and thus, so did the Olympian's apparent lies and exaggerations. To start improving his now-tainted reputation, the swimmer will team up with the Pine Brothers throat lozenge company. He is reportedly the face of a new campaign which promotes the drops as "forgiving" on sore throats. Interesting. With the news, Pine Bros. CEO Rider McDowell told TMZ, "We all make mistakes, but they're rarely given front-page scrutiny. He’s a great guy who has done incredible work with charities. I’m confident that Pine Bros. fans will support our decision to give Ryan a second chance." Sounds like they understand the basis of their professional relationship here. Social media reactions showed some unsurprising hot takes about Lochte's latest endeavor.

Look out for Lochte's print ads and a commercial for the cough drops.