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Ryan Lochte Issues Official Statement On Gas Station Incident

Ryan Lochte's statement on the Rio gas station incident has been released via social media. Friday, Lochte dropped an apology on both Twitter and Instagram.

Ryan Lochte, who has won 12 Olympic medals over the past four sets of games, was involved in an incident at a Rio gas station last weekend - which led to somewhat of an international crisis. Lochte told both the Brazilian authorities and the media that he and three of his swimming teammates were robbed at gunpoint after being pulled over by what he suggested were "fake" cops. It was eventually determined by Rio's police that the story had been "fabricated" to cover up some other behavior.

Thursday, video of Lochte and his teammates at the gas station was released. While it did not show any kind of robbery, it does show a security guard pulling out a gun to demand payment for damage the group had caused to the station's bathroom.

Lochte's statement is carefully worded. He apologizes for not being more "careful and candid" in how he described the events. Some are taking exception to his phrasing.

Lochte is one of the most successful swimmers in history. He won gold as part of the 4x200 meter freestyle in Athens in 2004. At the 2008 Beijing games, he won two gold medals - for the 200 meter backstroke and again the 4x200 meter freestyle. In 2012, he added two more gold medals - for the 400 meter medley and the 4x200 meter freestyle. In rio, he won gold for the fourth time in the 4x200 meter freestyle. He's also won three silver medals and three bronze medals during his career.

Friday, it was also reported that Lochte's teammate - Jimmy Feigen - has agreed to pay approximately $10,800 in donation money as penalty for lying about being robbed. It remains to be seen if Brazil will attempt to punish Lochte - who is already back in the United States.