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Ryen Russillo Deletes Tweet After Venting Frustration With ESPN

Ryen Russillo is obviously frustrated with the way things are going at ESPN.

In the wake of the ESPN layoffs, some employees are having a hard time adjusting to their new situations. Among them is Ryen Russillo, whose co-host, Danny Kanell was let go by ESPN. As a result, ESPN replaced Russillo And Kanell with the Ryen Russillo Show, and has been alternating co-hosts with Russillo in the time since Danny Kanell was laid off.

The two co-hosts, Will Cain and Adnan Virk, have alternated appearances in an attempt to do market research on who the viewers want to see with Russillo.

Apparently, Russillo is getting frustrated with ESPN over how the company promotes his show. He vented his frustration on Twitter when he sent out this tweet.

Ryen Russillo tweeting.

Russillo deleted the tweet soon after.

It must be frustrating for Russillo to have Kanell taken off the show, and to be alternating co-hosts in an attempt to find who will be the longterm replacement.