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Sam Ponder Announces She's Pregnant With 3rd Child

Sam Ponder has a message for Cam Newton.

The ESPN host announced the major news on Instagram.

It was a big day professionally for Sam Ponder. The ESPN host anchored the network's conference championship pregame show for the first time.

It was an ever bigger day for her personally. The popular host is pregnant.

Sam Ponder, who's married to former NFL quarterback Christian Ponder, announced on social media she's pregnant with her third child. She and her husband have a girl, Scout, and a boy, True.

The ESPN host took to Instagram to post a heartwarming video of her informing her daughter of the special news. She posted a lengthy note, too.

The boy, True, was born this past summer. Scout was born in 2014.

"You know those cute videos people post telling their older children about their new sibling on the way? This is Scout when I told her that I’m gonna have another baby this summer. I got no words and a subtle head nod. Third kid life is rough man. ? Finished my 3rd pregnant football season in the last 4 years today. Not gonna lie, avoiding puking on national TV is probably my biggest accomplishment to date. ?Scout and True got to be at National Championships before they were born but this baby will have them beat at the Super Bowl. ❤️❤️ " she wrote.

Here's the video:

Congrats to Sam and Christian (and Scout and True) on the great news! We can't wait to meet the new kid.