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New Update On Barstool Sports' Ongoing Feud With ESPN's Sam Ponder

Barstool Sports' feud with ESPN's Sam Ponder picked back up again on Tuesday night, when the site's founder, Dave Portnoy, and Pardon My Take host Dan "Big Cat" Katz, accused her of lying.

Ponder, who is accused of helping get Barstool Van Talk canceled by ESPN, was asked about her role during an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday night.

Ponder was asked on Instagram about her role in the cancelation of the show. She denied getting it canceled.

Dan Katz later took to Twitter to respond to Ponder’s claims.

“I really don’t want to go down this BVT thing again but Sam Ponder saying she would have met with us is a flat out lie. I asked multiple people to reach out and set up a meeting when it was clear she wanted the show cancelled. That’s the truth,” he tweeted.

“She doesn’t follow me, I don’t have her email or phone number, I asked for all that and was told no. You can’t just get into contact with someone who doesn’t want to talk.”

Barstool Sports’ founder, Dave Portnoy, also wrote a lengthy blog on the topic.

We have a new update on the feud this afternoon. Katz says that Ponder has reached out to him via email.

There is likely plenty more to come with this Sam Ponder-Barstool Sports feud if there history tells us anything. Stay tuned for more.