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Sam Ponder's Message About Cam Newton Drawing High Praise

Sam Ponder has a message for Cam Newton.

The ESPN host is receiving a lot of praise for what she said.

Sam Ponder said early on this morning's Sunday NFL Countdown that she had planned on "going off" on Cam Newton.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback made a sexist remark to a reporter earlier this week, saying it's "funny" to hear a female talk about "routes." Newton later apologized after heavy brushback, including the loss of a sponsor.

"How could he still be so ignorant?" Ponder wondered.

She went in a different direction, though.

"Shame alone makes people hide, not change. What's our goal, anyway? The goal isn't to shout people down and make them lose money or even shut up. The goal is to open up minds and change hearts. That comes from relationship, exposure over time and conversation - not reducing human beings to either heroes or villains."

Here's her full statement:

Well said, Sam.