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Saquon Barkley Reveals What He'll Buy With His First NFL Paycheck

Saquon Barkley goes sneaker shopping

Just when you think Saquon Barkley can't be any more of a likable guy - he outdoes himself.

In an episode of Complex's Sneaker Shopping, the top prospect revealed what will be his first big "splurge" once he inks an NFL contract.

Staying true to form, the humble Barkley said he would take care of his parents first.

The Penn State star didn't hesitate when the host, Joe LaPuma, asked him if he's thought about what his first big purchase would be:

"That's easy.

The first big thing I'm going to buy is my mom a house. My parents are everything to me - and all tsacrificesces they've made - i wouldn't be the man I am today without those two - my mom and my father. So, definitely going to buy those two a house that they can call home and not have to worry about anything."

Pretty amazing.

After a monster performance at the NFL combine, Barkley catapulted himself into the top five of a lot of mock drafts.

In SI’s latest mock, Albert Breer has the Giants taking Barkley with the No. 2 pick but added since multiple quarterbacks will be available, including possibly USC’s Sam Darnold - anything can happen.

While the Browns are not expected to select Barkley with the top overall pick, if the Giants and Jets decide to select quarterbacks at No. 2 and No. 3 respectively, Barkley could up for grabs for Cleveland. The Browns also own the No. 4 pick. However, there was a little controversy last week after an SI report surfaced that Barkley's agents don't want him going to Cleveland.

Barkley is a huge sneakerhead and he dropped a decent amount of coin at Stadium Goods in New York City. You can watch the full episode here.