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SB Nation Study Suggests Notre Dame, USC The Most-Frequently Overrated Teams In The Country

Which college football teams are the most frequently overrated?

When the preseason AP Poll comes out every summer, fans love to debate which teams are the most overrated. SBNation's Jason Kirk decided he'd do a deep dive into the topic.

Kirk took a look at every preseason AP Poll - dating all the way back to 1950. He found the most overrated team in each poll.

For example, Michigan State started the 2016 season ranked No. 12 but finished with a 3-9 record.

2016: Michigan State started No. 12 and finished 3-9. Notre Dame started No. 10 and finished 4-8. Tiebreaker: Notre Dame lost to Michigan State. (This will end up being a big result by the end of this list.)

What did he learn? Notre Dame and USC are tied for the most instances in which they were the most overrated team in the preseason poll.

All time:Notre Dame ties USC at the buzzer for the most ever, with 2016’s eight-point loss to Michigan State keeping the Spartans from doing that instead.

That probably doesn't surprise you, given the hype surrounding both programs.

If you're interested in seeing the year-by-year breakdown, head over to SBNation for the full list.