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Serena Williams Nude And Pregnant On Cover Of Vanity Fair

Serena Williams shows off her baby bump on the August edition of Vanity Fair.

Serena Williams, unquestionably the greatest tennis player of all time, will be featured on the August cover of Vanity Fair, and she looks nothing short of incredible in the preview.

Check it out:

Williams hasn't been shy about showing off her body since revealing her pregnancy on Snapchat back in April, and her Vanity Fair cover is just another example of that. She looks just as confident as ever with a baby on the way.

The feature story inside by Buzz Bissinger is just as intriguing, and covers Williams' relationship with her fiancee Alexis Ohanian, detailing everything from how the couple met to how many pregnancy tests she took (six!).

It's definitely worth the read, and you can check it out here.