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Video: Sergio Garcia Has Epic Meltdown At The Masters

Sergio Garcia taking a swing at the Masters.

Sergio Garcia won last year's Masters. It doesn't look like there is going to be a repeat.

The 2017 champion just had one of the worst meltdowns in the history of the tournament. He had four straight shots into the water on hole No. 15. He's going to end up with just a brutal score.

The No. 15 hole is a tough one, and several golfers will get wet today because of it. However, it's unlikely we'll see anything close to what we just saw from Garcia. It was basically the scene out of Kevin Costner's Tin Cup, but in real life.

CBS Sports published video of the epic meltdown. It is tough to watch.

Watch Sergio Garcia hit 5 straight shots into the water at The Masters.

That was crazy. You would think after shot No. 1 or No. 2, you'd just blast it over the green. Alas, Sergio did not do that.

Sergio might honesty run out of balls. Most pros carry only 6 balls in their bag. He's already lost a bunch of them.

The Masters are being televised on ESPN. Hopefully Sergio can stay out of the water going forward.