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This “Shiny Legs” Illusion Photo Is Today’s Viral Internet Sensation

Move over, "the dress," there's a new illusion photo making the internet rounds.

This "shiny legs" photo has caused a stir since yesterday afternoon. It's the latest optical illusion people are trying hard to sort out.

When you look at this picture, what do you see?

For many people, at first glance, you probably see what looks like shiny, oiled up legs. The glare is coming from whatever light source is in the room.

But look a bit closer and what looks like glare might not be at all. It actually seems like there are streaks of white paint on this girl's legs.

Our verdict? The marks are white paint, just like "the dress" was actually black and blue. But there are going to be people who see things differently, which makes stuff like this fun (and viral) in the first place.