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Sister Jean Is Wearing A Balloon Corsage On Her Wrist Again For The Final Four

Here's what Sister Jean is wearing on her wrist.

Sister Jean is at the Final Four on Saturday night to rep her Loyola Chicago Ramblers.

If you're watching the Loyola Chicago vs. Michigan game in the Final Four on Saturday night, you've likely seen at least a handful of shots of Sister Jean thus far. Some are wondering what exactly she's wearing on her wrist.

Sister Jean is essentially wearing a balloon corsage on her wrist. It's made up of Loyola Chicago colors - gold and maroon. It goes well with her scarf, to say the least.

The NCAA's official March Madness account tweeted a short video of her in her get-up.

Here's a better look, via Jerry Palm of CBS:

Earlier in the night, we gave you a look at what Sister Jean told her school's players before the contest. You can check that out here.

Loyola Chicago led Michigan 29-22 at halftime, but the Wolverines are within three with just over 10 minutes to go. It should be a great finish.