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Horrifying Video Of Ski Lift Malfunctioning Is Going Viral

A screenshot of the ski lift that malfunctioned.

If you've ever been skiing than you know the uneasy feeling of using a chairlift to get up and down the steep slopes... especially if you are deathly afraid of heights.

Any fears about ski lifts were confirmed after a malfunction caused a lift to double its speed and go in reverse, propelling people off the chairs.

According to Metro UK, two people were seriously injured and at least eight people suffered minor injuries as a result of a lift malfunction at the Gudauri ski resort in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. One person reportedly broke his hand.

People were left “shaken and shocked” and it's easy to see why.

If you watch the video below, it appears after four people are hurled from a chair, it gets jammed so the chairs start collecting at the bottom of the lift--forcing people to jump off to avoid the pile-up of twisted metal.

Just a warning, this video is very intense.

Here's another look at what happened:

The incident is reportedly under investigation.

Our thoughts are with everyone injured.