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Skip Bayless' New Show Going Head-To-Head With First Take

Longtime ESPN host Skip Bayless now has his new show on FS1. The long-reported news became official today, with The Hollywood Reporter providing some of the juicy details.

First off, Bayless' program will air from 10 a.m.-noon on FS1, putting it in direct competition with his old show, ESPN's First Take. Secondly, while Bayless couldn't confirm any details about a co-host (Shannon Sharpe has been reported), he did promise to be more hard-hitting at his new gig.

Despite being known for his hot takes while ESPN, Bayless incredibly says his former employer was too "fearful" and he had to hold back a little bit.

There will be no more holding back from Skip Bayless.

“Too many people in charge at ESPN, for my taste, were a little too fearful,” Bayless tells The Hollywood Reporter in an interview officially revealing his move. “It’s a Disney network. There are just certain boundaries that you can’t even tiptoe along. Not that we won’t have boundaries at Fox because we will. [But] they will trust me to go a little deeper. I can be completely honest on everything.”


“I’m not suggesting I’m going to become some sort of shock jock because that’s not me,” he adds. “I say what I say because I believe it from the bottom of my soul and I can back it up. Now I feel like I can be completely honest heart-and-soul with full support from the people above me.”

Considering how nuclear-hot some of Bayless' opinions were at ESPN, his comments seem kind of odd. More so, it makes us wonder just how much more opinionated he could get in his new spot.

Rest assured, FS1 is pumped about all of this. It's a network that has given its employees free reign to fire away at will with provocative takes.

Can Bayless successfully take on the Worldwide Leader and win? It's a tough task, but he appears up for it.

">August 1, 2016

Bayless' new show launches Sept. 6.

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