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Skip Bayless Is Getting Crushed For This Tweet During Game 2

Skip Bayless speaking on ESPN.

Tonight was Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Of course, Skip Bayless was tweeting through it.

Like he always does whenever LeBron is playing, Skip did his fair share of trolling. Like he often does when he trolls, Skip gets caught saying something that contradicts with what he has said in the past.

It all started with this tweet.

That's a classic Skip tweet using the LeBron-MJ storyline. Except the first response to this tweet is someone screenshotting an old Skip column from 20 years ago in which he criticized MJ. Of course, in that column, Bayless said His Airness got tired.

As you might imagine, people are having fun with Skip getting called out.

Now, is it fair to expect Skip to remember something he wrote two decades earlier? Probably not, but it does seem to prove he's just playing the heel on Twitter and doesn't care about the validity of what he tweets.

It's all about the reaction. He got plenty of it.