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Skip Bayless: "Most White People Deep Down Know Colin Kaepernick Is Right"

FOX Sports' Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe had an interesting conversation about Colin Kaepernick on Tuesday.

Colin Kaepernick is still having trouble finding his next NFL gig, and Tuesday, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe of FS1's Undisputed took on the topic.

During the debate, Bayless dropped an interesting line - suggesting that most white people deep down believe that Kaepernick was right in his cause.

Here's what Bayless had to say:

"In the end, they can't get past that he disrespected the flag. I'm playing armchair shrink here, but I think most people, we can say most white people, deep down they know he's right. Deep down, they know Colin Kaepernick stood for something he should have stood for. And that he had national impact that needed to be had in that moment. He created dialogue. He opened up eyes and ears to a growing conflict between white policemen and unarmed black men and women that needed to be addressed. And I would like to believe, I can't prove this, that it has positive impact. That it made a lot of police forces more aware of internal issues."

You can listen to the entire debate here.

It remains to be seen whether a team will take a chance on signing Kaepernick. He's got about a month before the season starts.