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Skip Bayless: 2014 Ohio State Is The Best CFB Team Over Last 20 Years

Skip Bayless speaking on ESPN.

Earlier this week ESPN put out a list rankings every college football national championship team from the past 20 years. Texas topped the list with its 2005 title team led by Vince Young.

Ohio State's 2002 title-winning team took home last place, angering Ohio State fans everywhere. Well, Buckeye fans, Skip Bayless is here to comfort you.

No, seriously. Bayless proclaimed on Friday that the best title-winning team of the last 20 years came from Columbus.

But it's not the 2002 team. Skip likes the 2014 national champs, led by running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Here's what Skip had to say on Undisputed.

"The best team I have seen in the last 20 years played in 2014 for the Ohio State football team led by my man Ezekiel Elliott who was the most dominating college RB I have ever seen."

Skip's full comments can be seen below.

Over the last three games from Elliott's 2014 season, the star running back ran for at least 220 yards and two touchdowns in each game.

During Ohio State's playoff appearances, Elliott ran for 230 yards and two touchdowns against Alabama and then followed that up with a 246-yard, two-touchdown performance in the title game against Oregon.