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Skip Bayless Shares Photo Of Gruesome Injury

A screenshot of Skip Bayless from his show Undisputed.

Skip Bayless is one of the most-fit 67-year-old personalities on television. The FOX Sports 1 host has a ridiculous fitness routine and claims he's only missed two workouts over the last 20-plus years.

"I can tell you the last two days I missed a workout: May 3, 1998, when I had a sinus infection, and July 4, 2009, after I ate some bad meat. I'm a psycho — I don't buy the idea of "rest" — but I'm a positive psycho. I believe you can always find time to do something. When you have a bad day, you can go slower. Once you get started, you'll feel so much better," he wrote in Men's Health a couple of years back.

Bayless is an avid runner, saying he can run 8 miles at a seven minute pace.

The FOX Sports 1 personalty went out for a run on Sunday. It could've gone better...

"Here’s what my wife Ernestine saw when I came back from running my 8-mile course I run every Sunday and took my hat off my sweat-soaked head. I wasn’t paying attention about 4 miles in and hit the side of a sign with the side of my face. (I finished.) She insisted I go see a doctor because the cut looked deep and in need of few stitches. But the doc decided to glue it and I definitely will be there tomorrow for Undisputed. Then again, this picture is exactly how I felt after the Cowboys and Brady losses (and the impossible Redskins win)," he wrote.

Yikes. Bayless is back on TV this morning, though. Unsurprisingly, he's talking about the Cowboys...