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Skip Bayless' Tweet About His Wife Is Going Viral

Skip Bayless speaking on ESPN.

The FOX Sports 1 personality even debates with his wife.

Skip Bayless is on TV every weekday arguing about whatever sports take he's come up with. He's often doing the same on Twitter.

Apparently, the Fox Sports 1 personality doesn't limit his sports debating to those two platforms. He likes to get his family involved.

Specifically, he likes to get his wife involved. Bayless was debating his significant other on Sunday.

Bayless revealed that him and his wife got into a debate while watching the Cavs-Celtics game on Sunday. Of course, it had to do with LeBron James.

"My wife Ernestine and I are arguing about whether LeBron should've extended a hand to help up Kyrie. She says that was really nice of LeBron. I say Michael Jordan never helped up any opponent. But ... LeBron isn't made of MJ stuff," Bayless tweeted.

Really, Skip? You're debating your wife about LeBron James while watching a game on your couch?

I guess he wouldn't be Skip Bayless if he wasn't doing that.

That might be the most Skip Bayless tweet ever. Debating his wife at home on a Sunday about LeBron James...come on, man.