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Someone Created A Video Game Montage Of LeBron James Playing With His Son On The Lakers

LeBron James cheers on the Lakers at Summer League.

LeBron James' son LeBron Jr. is only 13 but is already highly-regarded as a basketball player. There's been speculation that LeBron might want to stick around in the NBA long enough to play with his son.

If you want a sneak preview of what that might look like, well, a Facebook user named Shady00018 has created a simulation of it on NBA 2k. He put together a montage of LeBron and "Bronny" on the Lakers together.

We have to admit, this is pretty well done. Check it out.

LeBron was so impressed with the work, he shared it on Instagram.

Since Bronny is wearing No. 0 in the video, the Lakers' current No. 0, Kyle Kuzma took it upon himself to leave a comment on the video.

All in all, this is very cool. Good job by Shady00018, who looks like he has put together a pretty good crop of video game edits.