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South Dakota State's Mike Daum Is Going Viral For His Celebration

South Dakota State player celebrates shot.

We've got a good one brewing in Boise, Idaho.

Ohio State, the No. 5 seed, is tied with South Dakota State, the No. 12 seed, after 20 minutes of play in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

One of South Dakota State's players has become a social media sensation in the first half.

Meet Mike Daum, South Dakota State's star forward. He had 17 points and 2 rebounds in the first half.

Daum went viral midway through the half when he did a "raise the roof" celebration after a made 3.

Check it out:

That celebration did not sit well with Ohio State's players.

Several Buckeyes mocked the celebration after OSU stormed back into the lead.

We're all tied after 20 minutes of play, though. It's going to be a fun second half.

The game is being televised on TNT.