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Report: Sports Illustrated To Cut Down To 24 Print Issues In 2018

This year has been a tough one for the traditional sports media outlets, and more big changes may be on the horizon for Sports Illustrated.

Earlier this year, ESPN made waves through the industry, laying off over 100 employees, including a number of high-profile on-air personalities.

Months later, rival FOX Sports essentially ditched its entire editorial staff in a total pivot to video... and then the man who led that big shift, Jamie Horowitz, was fired a week later amid a sexual harassment investigation.

Now, according to a Yahoo! Finance report about a possible Time Inc. sale, we may be getting even fewer editions of Sports Illustrated next year.

Writer Daniel Roberts reports that SI may cut down to 24 total print issues for 2018, down from 38 this year.

As Time Inc has shifted its focus to video, print issue counts have shrunk. As recently as 2015, Sports Illustrated put out 51 issues. In 2016, it went to 45 issues. This year, Sports Illustrated will put out just 38 issues. Time Inc says its 2018 print plan is not finalized yet, but two sources at Sports Illustrated tell Yahoo Finance the total will likely shrink again, potentially to as few as 24, turning the magazine into a bi-weekly.

Reduction in print editions is nothing new. Newspapers and magazines have been making those kinds of cut downs for years. It still doesn't bode well for those of us who appreciate the good, detailed written work that filled magazines like SI.

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