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Sportswriter Getting Blasted For Tweet About Japanese Race Car Driver

A Denver Post sportswriter is taking a lot of heat this afternoon.

Longtime sportswriter Terry Frei is having a rough day on Twitter, but he has himself to blame.

Japanese race car driver Takuma Sato captured the Indianapolis 500 today. He is the first Japanese-born driver to do so.

This didn't sit well to Denver Post writer Terry Frei, who tweeted the following. It has since been deleted.

Frei, who wrote a book about Wisconsin football players that served in World War II, is clearly referring to Pearl Harbor.

No one will deny the heinousness of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but Frei bringing it up as a reason to put down a Japanese athlete reaching the pinnacle of his sport on Memorial Day is a bad look.

Twitter is letting him know about it in his mentions.

Yeah, Frei has had better days online for certain.