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NBA Insider Has New Information On What Spurs Are Telling Teams About Kawhi

Kawhi Leonard speaks at Spurs press conference.

We've been on Kawhi Leonard Trade Watch for about a month now. The All-Star forward reportedly demanded a trade out of San Antonio earlier in June. Here's the latest on what's happening.

It doesn't look like a trade is going to happen anytime soon. There have been several reports regarding what the Spurs are asking teams for Leonard and the price remains extremely high.

The Lakers, according to several reports, are the team mentioned the most for Kawhi, however it appears Los Angeles is willing to wait for him to hit free agency in 2019. San Antonio is reportedly asking Magic Johnson for Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart and multiple first-round picks.

That's a price the Lakers are unwilling to pay.

The Spurs don't seem to be relenting on their asking price, though.

NBA insider Jordan Schultz says GMs are telling him San Antonio's front office is remaining stubborn.

"The Spurs remain open for business — continuing to speak w/other teams in regard to trading Kawhi Leonard, per league sources. But they have very high demands for the return haul and are not in any rush to move him if their asking price - regardless of team - is not met," he reports.

"1 GM tells me Spurs remain extremely stubborn, unwilling to budge even a little - at least not yet - w/demands for Kawhi. SA in unchartered territory, could care less if their 27-year-old superstar is unhappy. Just like w/Melo, this could conceivably drag on well into summer..."

ESPN reported earlier this week that Leonard was probably going to remain a Spur until the fall, too. This is going to drag out for a while, unfortunately.