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St. Mary's Commits Numerous Basketball Recruiting Violations, NCAA Puts School On 4-Year Probation + Suspensions

Justice is served.

Everyone knows that a lot of shady things go on in the world of recruiting college athletes. However, that doesn't make it right, and the NCAA needs to crack down on the rule-breakers and violators.

Today, it did just that. The NCAA announced that St. Mary's (California) had been caught "acting unethically" when it came to recruiting three international prospects. Some of the infractions were allowing impermissible travel, providing families with improper host accommodations, and contact with former professional agents.

Additionally, the coaching staff for the Gaels failed to provide an atmosphere of compliance, as well as failing to monitor outside practices and conditioning with personal trainers and outside coaches.

As a result, the NCAA is really going to punish and make an example of St. Mary's -- here's a photo of the list of consequences for the Gaels, from the NCAA website:

Seems like an awful lot to me, but then again, there were a lot of infractions committed. Here's how the general public is viewing the situation: