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Stephen A. Smith Says A Damian Lillard Trade Is "Very Possible"

damian lillard talks about the blazers future on espn

Damian Lillard has become one of the NBA's star players who everyone is speculating about moving forward. Will the Trailblazers' star point guard want to stay in Portland moving forward?

The All-NBA guard fueled some of that speculation fire on Wednesday when he responded to a tweet asking him if he would be "happy" to play alongside LeBron James on the Lakers.

"I'm typically a happy camper," he responded.

The Lakers would obviously love to add Lillard to their LeBron-led team. He's an extremely similar player to Kyrie Irving and we've already seen what that kind of LeBron pairing can do.

Los Angeles is unlikely to give up what it takes to land Lillard, though. However, there could be another team interested in trading for him.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said on his radio show today that a Lillard trade to Los Angeles or New York could happen.

"Just now: Stephen A. Smith says on his radio show that it’s very possible Damian Lillard gets traded to the Lakers...OR the Knicks," Thomas Duffy tweeted.

If the Lakers aren't willing to give up what it would take to land Lillard, would the Knicks? Could they put together an enticing enough package without having Kristaps Porzingis in that deal? It seems unlikely.

A ton of unlikely stuff has already happened so far this offseason, though. A Lillard trade would just be the next thing on that list.