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Video Shows Stephen A. Smith Hitting On Woman Who's Now Married To Jim Harbaugh's Son

stephen a smith jim harbaugh son video

Stephen A. Smith is a man of many talents. One of those talents is appearing on videos that go viral. Most of these videos, of course, feature him screaming about something on ESPN.

A new video has surfaced (well, it's actually a couple of years old, but it's new to the social media viral game) showing the ESPN personality appearing to hit on a woman who's now married to Jim Harbaugh's son.

In the video, Stephen A. Smith says you should watch TAB Sports Brhitney Harbaugh, who used to work for the network. The video is from 2013.

"Do not take your eyes off it, for obvious reasons," Smith says as he looked Brhitney up and down with a smirk.

Brhitney married Jay Harbaugh, the son of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, at the end of 2017. Jay . Harbaugh serves as the Wolverines' running backs coach.

Brhitney previously worked as a flight attendant.

Jay Harbaugh, 29, has been with Michigan's coaching staff since 2015. He previously worked for Oregon State and the Baltimore Ravens.