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Stephen A. Smith's Quote About Women On Snoop Dogg's Talk Show Is Going Viral

Stephen A. Smith interviewed by Snoop Dogg on his online show GGN.

Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to putting some interesting quotes out into the world. They're usually about sports, and they're usually done very, very loudly.

That isn't the case in a recent interview with Snoop Dogg. The First Take star appeared on Snoop's YouTube show GGN (Double G News), for a half-hour interview.

At one point, he goes into a "lightning round" set of quick questions, including pretty innocuous things like "burgers or tacos." And then Snoop got to a question about women.

The longtime rapper asked about Smith's preference in female body parts. That led to the all-time Stephen A. Smith quote, “I know I’m associated with Walt Disney, but everybody knows I’m a bottom feeder."

Watch Snoop Dogg's interview with Stephen A. Smith here:

USA Todaysays that it reached out to ESPN for comment, but has not heard back from Smith's employer.

The First Take star has been the subject of controversy in the past. Back in 2014, he was suspended after a discussion about the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.

While discussing with former First Take co-host Skip Bayless, he said that women should "make sure (they) don't do anything to provoke wrong action." He was off the show for a week following the controversial comments.

This is definitely not at that level of controversy, and it is unlikely that ESPN will do anything here, but the Worldwide Leader probably wishes Smith had averted the line of questioning.