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Stephen A. Smith's Take On Addiction Is Drawing Criticism

Stephen A. Smith discusses Kawhi Leonard's future on First Take.

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith is in some hot water over his take on addiction in the wake of the most recent Josh Gordon news.

Gordon announced he'd be stepping away from football on Thursday - shortly before he was suspended by the league. Smith, multiple times on ESPN, shared his thoughts on addiction.

One of the segments was a back-and-forth with Max Kellerman on First Take. The other was a segment for SportsCenter. He's getting crushed for it.

Here's the transcript - we've also included both videos below:

"I don't want to come across as harsh or unsympathetic to Josh Gordon. We all understand and we wish him nothing but the best. But let's be very, very clear here.

You've got a whole bunch of people talking about 'it's a disease, it's a disease' because it's an addiction. Well I'm not going to debunk or eliminate the notion that it's a disease. But how did it become one?

Because you can't get addicted to something you never try. This isn't cancer. This isn't Alzheimers disease, dementia or something like that. This is self-inflicted."

Smith's take is not being met well by many who share different thoughts on addiction.

It's unclear if Smith will apologize for the segment. ESPN has not commented publicly on it just yet.