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Steve Spurrier Says He Has "The Itch To Try To Coach Again"

Steve Spurrier has been off of the sidelines for a while. That might change.

Famed former head coach Steve Spurrier appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show and said that Florida's offense has him inspired to the point where he'd like to give coaching another go.

"I miss the challenge," Spurrier said. "I think maybe watching the Gators offense the last couple years has given me an itch to try to Coach again."

Spurrier said back in the fall that he'd like to get into coaching again, maybe at the high school level. Perhaps a college football program would be able to convince him to take a role with them.

“I don’t want to be a head coach. There’s too much involved with the head coach,” Spurrier said in the fall. “If it’s a high school, or junior, well they don’t have junior highs anymore. Just high school, or somewhere there to coach quarterbacks and pitch the ball around. That might be something, something I want to do again. It would just have to be the right situation.”

Last July, Spurrier was named an ambassador and consultant for Florida's athletic department. The school hired Dan Mullen away from Mississippi State to replace Jim McElwain in the Fall. Mullen is Florida's fifth different head coach in the past 10 years.

The 72-year-old played for Florida in the sixties and was the Gators head coach from 1990-2001. During his time coaching in Gainesville, Spurrier led the Gators to a national championship and six SEC championships. After a quick stint with the Redskins, Spurrier coached the Gamecocks from 2005-2015 before resigning. Spurrier never officially retired.

You can listen to his full interview here. Spurrier begins talking about Florida at the 37-minute mark.