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Video: Bills Player Drilled In The Head Without His Helmet On

taiwan jones gets drilled in the head without his helmet

We just had an incredibly scary moment in this afternoon's Bills-Chargers game in Buffalo. A Bills player ran with the ball without his helmet on and got drilled right in the head by an opposing player.

Taiwan Jones, a 30-year-old running back for the Bills, scooped up a fumble on a muffed punt return. He attempted to run with the ball, got hit and his helmet came off. Jones didn't go to the ground, though, and continued to move with the ball without his helmet on.

A Chargers' defender drilled Jones in the head. Again, this happened without his helmet on.

Jones had to leave the game. Blood was pouring down his forehead.

Here's video of the replay:

Jones was walking off the field under his own power, thankfully. Here's another angle of what happened:

The play ended up being ruled a touchback.

"Taiwan Jones going to locker room after recovering fumbled punt. Took blow to the head without a helmet in end zone. Play ruled a touchback."

Our thoughts are with Jones as he gets checked out in the locker room. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

The Chargers are currently beating the Bills, 28-13.