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Brazilian Football Fan Dies In Freak Accident After Celebrating Win

Brazilian football fan Tamara Maiochi.

The 2018 World Cup has brought incredible moments to millions around the world. However, earlier this week, a tragedy dominated headlines after a Brazilian football fan reportedly passed away after a freak accident.

During a celebration of Brazil's 2-0 victory over Serbia, a fan of the team allegedly slipped and was impaled by a glass she had been holding. According to a report from the Sun, Tamara Maiochi (named "Tamra" in the article), slipped and pieces of the wine glass she had been holding went into her neck.

The report details her friends' attempts to stop the bleeding, but Maiochi reportedly passed away before medical personnel could get there.

From the report:

The 30-year-old had been watching the crucial match with friends at a house in Itatiba, in Brazil’s southeastern state of Sao Paulo.

According to police, Ms Maiochi had been sitting down on a sofa holding her mobile phone in one hand and sipping wine from a crystal glass in the other.

As she stood up with the rest of the group up to celebrate Brazil’s win at the end of the game, she lost her balance, reaching out to a coffee table to stop herself from falling.

But she slipped and fell onto the wine glass, which shattered into pieces which penetrated her neck, severing her jugular vein.

This is a terrible tragedy following what was a moment of such joy. Brazil's victory over Serbia clinched the team's ticket to the Round of 16.

Our thoughts are with the Maiochi family.

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