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Referee Getting Destroyed For Calling This Technical Foul During Cavs-Pacers

cavs pacers game 7 technical

We're entering the home stretch of the Cavs-Pacers Game 7. It's shaping up to be a great finish.

Well, it will be a great finish if the referees don't get in the way. We just had an absurd technical foul handed out.

Pacers guard Darren Collison was called for a reach-in foul while guarding on the perimeter. He disagreed with the call.

Collison was then given a technical foul for his disagreement. All he seemed to do was wave his hand at the ref.

This was the play:

You're going to give out a technical foul for that? In a Game 7? Seriously? Come on.

It was truly awful. Be better than that, Kane.

The Cavs and the Pacers, meanwhile, are playing on ABC. We're about to enter the fourth quarter.