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Details Of The Jets-Saints Teddy Bridgewater Trade Are Out

details of the teddy bridgewater trade are out

Teddy Bridgewater's time with the New York Jets has reportedly come to an end. The former high NFL Draft pick, who was acquired by NYJ this offseason, is being traded to the New Orleans Saints, according to multiple reports.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter first reported the news of the trade. It's since been confirmed by other outlets.

Bridgewater heads to New Orleans as the potential future replacement for star quarterback Drew Brees, who likely doesn't have a ton of seasons left under center.

Schefter has the full details on the Jets-Saints Bridgewater trade below. It will involve draft picks.

"Trade of Teddy Bridgewater to the Saints is expected to involve draft picks," he reports.

Bridgewater was reportedly on the Jets team bus when he found out he was being traded. "Crazy scene: #Jets players were on the bus when they stopped, told Teddy Bridgewater he’d been traded, he waved goodbye, then they drove off, source said. Bridgewater headed to the #Saints. Wild," Tom Pelissero reports. "To be clear, they were waiting to depart. Didn’t leave Teddy on the side of the road or something. Still .... what a scene."

NFL insider Mike Silver reports that the Saints gave up a third-round pick in exchange for Bridgewater.

Stay tuned for further details.