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Tennis Player Receives Code Violation For Briefly Removing Her Shirt Before Set

Alize Cornet receives code violation for removing her shirt.

The 2018 U.S. Open is the year's final major tournament. Set in New York, this year's tournament kicked off under oppressive conditions.

Temperatures on the court were well over 100-degrees Fahrenheit and many of the players in the tournament suffered under the heat. To help stave off heat exhaustion, the tournament employs a 10-minute break after the second set for women and the third set for men.

Most decided to take advantage of the rule. One such player was French national Alize Cornet.

During her match against Johanna Larson, Cornet changed during the 10-minute break. She came back out to the court with her shirt on backwards.

Just before the set began, Cornet removed her shirt in order to put it on correctly. The chair umpire then gave her a code violation for removing her shirt on the court.

The ruling didn't cost Cornet any points, as the first violation is just a warning, but many weren't happy with the call. Male tennis players can change on the court as often as they'd like. During his match today, Novak Djokovic sat shirtless for several minutes before putting on a new shirt.

Not a great look for the chair umpire and tennis as a whole.

Cornet wound up losing the match 6-4, 3-6, 2-6.