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Terrell Owens Announces What He'll Do Instead Of Attending Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Terrell Owens speaking on camera.

Terrell Owens has already made it clear he won't be attending his own Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in August. Now we know what he'll be doing instead.

T.O. is skipping the formal ceremony in Canton but he still intends to celebrate the occasion. He'll give his speech at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on Saturday, August 4.

Chattanooga is where Owens played his college football, so the place obviously holds a special meaning to him. His speech will be at McKenzie Arena on campus.

It is open to the public and free admission. It will apparently start at 3:17 p.m. ET, and no, we don't know why.

Here is Owens' full announcement.

Owens' decision to skip out on the weekend in Canton was met with heavy criticism, but he is sticking to his guns here.

T.O. did things his way throughout his entire NFL career, and was pretty successful.

No reason to change things up now.