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The 6 Weirdest Items At The USC Bookstore

Trojan Pasta Salad?

Do you think you're the ultimate USC Trojans fan?

Sure, you might have a wardrobe filled with all cardinal and gold, a Traveler key chain and every game day button from the entire football season.

But you might be missing some of the more obscure and perhaps more obnoxious items that prove you're a real fan. Check out this list of some of strangest memorabilia for sale at the USC Bookstore on campus.

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USC Trojan Tortilla Chips

Tailgate parties call for catering and apparently, you’re not Trojan enough if you supply your guests with plain tortilla chips.

USC Trojans Chips, which come in vibrant cardinal and gold, claim to be the ultimate fan snack.

$3.95 per bag

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The Ultimate Trojan Pasta Salad

For a fancier kickback, the Bookstore offers the Trojan Pasta Salad mix.

This package of red and yellow Tommy Trojan-shaped macaroni noodles comes with a seasoning package and four recipes to get you started.

It’s not enough for you to be donning school colors on the outside and the USC Bookstore reminds you that you are what you eat.

Pasta: $6.95

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House Divided Flag

It might be considered blasphemy to see the UCLA Bruin name sullying any part of the USC Bookstore, but you will find a peek of powder blue on the “House Divided” garden flag.

Half Trojan and half Bruin, this flag tries to accommodate the however frightening possibility that you might want to represent both Los Angeles schools.

Perfect for anyone that struggles with choosing sides, but if you were a real Trojan you might just cut the flag in two.

Flag: $19.95

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Team Gnome

If you’re a Trojan fan, your garden isn’t complete without a team gnome.

This fat, bearded garden creature dressed in appropriate Troy garb comes ready to fight on with a sword and shield emblazoned with “SC.”

Even if you don’t have a garden, the figure is so ridiculous that purchasing it seems like a necessity.

Gnome: $26.95

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USC Dog Costumes

Your dog is no exception. The USC Bookstore makes sure your canine companion is ready for game day by offering collegiate pet sweaters, jerseys and cheerleader dresses.

Dog costumes are usually made for toy breeds, but these brands don’t discriminate. So if you have a bigger dog, you have no excuse not to force your dog into Trojan gear.

Dog outfits: starting at $17.95

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USC "How Do You Rank?" Board Game

At the end of the day, you can have all the memorabilia but you have to be able to back it up.

“How Do You Rank?” is a trivia board game that tests your knowledge in a variety of categories ranging from famous Trojans to school history to the USC’s role in pop culture.

In order to “earn the necessary credits for graduation,” you have to be well versed in all things Trojan. Clearly, owning—and winning—this game is the mark of a true fan.

Board Game: $49.95