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The Bills Have Released A Statement On LeSean McCoy Amid Allegations

LeSean McCoy interview on SportsCenter.

The Buffalo Bills have released a short statement on the status of LeSean McCoy amid the allegations against the star NFL running back, who is being accused of being up his girlfriend.

A photo of a woman claimed to be the girlfriend of McCoy was posted on social media this morning, with a caption on Instagram detailing the allegations.

The 29-year-old running back has denied the allegations, saying they are "baseless" and "offensive." He released an entire statement on Instagram.

"For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false," he wrote.

"Further more, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months."

The Bills have since released a statement on McCoy.

"We have spoken to LeSean and have been in contact with the National Football League. We will continue to gather information," the Bills statement reads.

More information regarding McCoy and the allegations is likely to surface soon. The NFL has reportedly contacted police departments and other organizations attempting to seek more details.

Stay tuned for more updates.