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The Cavs Have A "Primary Target" In A Kyrie Irving Trade

Here's who the Cavs would like to trade Kyrie Irving for.

The Cavs reportedly have a "primary target" in a potential Kyrie Irving trade.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Tuesday that Cleveland is having difficulty moving Irving because of the uncertainty surrounding LeBron James' future. If James isn't sticking around, the Cavs probably don't want to do a trade centered on a veteran player. They want promising, young talent - and that talent is likely harder to get.

So, the Cavs' "primary target" at the moment is New York Knicks' young big man Kristaps Porzingis.

From ESPN:

"Porzingis has emerged as a primary Cleveland target, but that's a conversation that can occur only with Cleveland's willingness to unburden the Knicks of the three years and $55 million left on Joakim Noah's contract. For now, the conversation is a nonstarter for the Knicks, league sources said.

For the right All-Star player, though -- Irving or otherwise -- multiple NBA teams are seriously questioning how emphatic of a "no" that will stay for New York. There continues to be distance between Porzingis and the organization, and how the Knicks truly value Porzingis' future could become clearer once they're together to begin the season."

If you're New York, would you be willing to move Porzingis in exchange for Irving? The All-Star point guard is the better player - for now, at least - but bringing him in and shipping out your talented young big man would kind of go against what you're hoping to achieve.

Stay tuned.