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The Cavs Locker Room Smelled Like Weed After Game 2

Multiple reports have confirmed the aroma.

ESPN senior writer Mike Wise made Twitter waves following Game 2 of the NBA Finals when he revealed that the Cavs' locker room smelled a little funny.

"Cavs locker room has a strong reefer aroma to it tonight. Hey, it's Cali. You're down 2-0 and it's all about pain control," he wrote.

Wise made it clear that he didn't know if the smell was coming from a player or a coach or a staff member or someone else.

"I know what cannabis smells like. Coulda been a cameraman, reporter, whatever. I'm not judging," he said.

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst has confirmed what Wise was saying.

Marijuana technically does violate the NBA's code of conduct, but it's not really something that the league enforces.

Jalen Rose said he didn't have a problem with it.

“If you can drink alcohol, if you can drink wine, if you can smoke tobacco, you should be able to smoke marijuana," he said.