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The Final Seconds Of Game 1 Of The NBA Finals Were Absolute Mayhem

Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson argue.

If the rest of the NBA Finals goes like Game 1 did, we are in for a show. Tonight was insanity.

The Golden State Warriors won Game 1 124-114 in overtime. That only tells a fraction of the story.

First, there was the epic J.R. Smith blunder at the end of regulation. Then, the final seconds of overtime came close to topping that.

With Golden State in complete control, Steph Curry drove to the basket in the final minute and was rejected by LeBron James. That set off a trash talking session between Curry, James and Klay Thompson.

While that was going on, Warriors forward Shaun Livingston took a late jump shot just so Golden State wouldn't get a shot clock violation. Tristan Thompson didn't like that, and he hit Livingston with an elbow after the shot.

The official nearest the play called Thompson for a flagrant foul, which was apparently enough to eject him. Then, Draymond Green got into it with Thompson, and the banished Cavs big man shoved the ball in Draymond's face.

That caused a skirmish, and led to Thompson appearing to tell Green to meet him in the tunnel. Check out the madness below.

This was pure mayhem at its finest.

What will the rest of the series have in store.