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The Goalie From 'Mighty Ducks' Gets Jail Time For Petty Theft

The actor is getting some real-life penalty box time.

The goalie from Mighty Ducks is getting some real-life penalty box time.

Shaun Weiss, who played the lovable "Goldberg" in the kids' hockey trilogy, will spend 150 days in a Los Angeles County Jail after stealing $151 in merchandise from an electronics store, according to TMZ Sports.

The sentence was reportedly stiff because it's Weiss' second petty theft bust.

The 38-year-old child star's agent told TMZ that he hopes jail will help him.

"(Shaun) hopes jail will help him," his agent told TMZ. "Maybe while he is in jail he will write something."

Weiss has appeared in several TV shows and movies in recent years, but nothing major.