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The Knicks Have Reportedly Asked Carmelo Anthony To Expand His List

The Knicks reportedly have a request of Carmelo Anthony.

It's mid-August and Carmelo Anthony is still a New York Knick, which is somewhat surprising considering how far apart the two sides have been on the future of the franchise. The main holdup? Carmelo has a no-trade clause, which he apparently only will consider waiving if the Knicks send him to Houston.

...or so we thought.

According to the NY Post, the Knicks have asked Carmelo if he'd be willing to "expand" the list of teams he'd accept a trade to. The Knicks reportedly have interest from the Trail Blazers, Cavaliers, Thunder and Pelicans.

Here's more:

According to the source, the Knicks are still hopeful Anthony eventually will expand his wish list beyond the Rockets — with the Trail Blazers, Cavaliers, Thunder and Pelicans holding interest.

The source said the Knicks brass has told Anthony he needs to do so because they are unwilling to make a “bad trade” — and he seemed to understand the team’s position.

Carmelo seems to only be interested in playing for a contender - which doesn't come as a surprise, considering he's never won an NBA title. But he may need to play ball with the Knicks in the coming weeks to avoid being on yet another bad team in New York.