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The Lakers' GM Had An Awkward Quote About 16-Year-Old Taylor Swift

Los Angeles' GM made a kind of weird comparison today.

The Lakers' GM, Rob Pelinka, made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show earlier today.

He was asked about the current state of his team and compared it to a 16-year-old Taylor Swift.

"It's kind of like if you go on YouTube and you think about Taylor Swift when she was 16 years old, maybe putting her first song - it's her guitar, it's her in a little studio - and you watch it and go, 'wow, this is going to be a special thing to follow and a really cool narrative to unfold.' I just have this sense about the Lakers, the way we're playing in Summer League, we have this young's a pass-first system. In an era of guard play where it's score - you look at the great point guards it's score score score - I think it's going to be a really cool phenomenon to unfold," he said.

OK then.

Here's the full clip: