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The NBA Has Announced Punishment For Clippers-Rockets Altercation

Rockets and Clippers players in an altercation.

The NBA has announced punishment for the Clippers and Rockets altercation.

The biggest off-the-court incident of the NBA's 2017-18 season has resulted in some punishment. The NBA announced this evening its punishment for the Clippers and Rockets incident.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that multiple players have been suspended for two games. A couple of star players, though, will not be punished.

"The NBA is suspending Houston’s Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green two games for aggressively entering Clippers locker room. No penalties for Chris Paul and James Harden," Wojnarowski reported.

Wojnarowski also added that Blake Griffin will face no punishment. The Clippers' star got ejected from Monday night's contest.

Ariza and Green face suspensions after reportedly being the ones who were aggressively attempting to enter the Clippers' locker room. USA TODAY had more details on what happened:

Veteran Trevor Ariza led the charge, with Paul, James Harden and Gerald Green following as the Rockets made their way through the Clippers training room and into the locker room through a back hallway that isn’t accessible to the media. According to a person with knowledge of the league's investigation, Paul and Harden have been portrayed by several witnesses as peacemakers once the situation reached that point.

Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan, who did not play because of an ankle injury, was the first to respond to the unwelcome visitors when he stood up from his nearby locker. Words were exchanged, with always-outspoken Clippers point guard Pat Beverley among the most vocal. With staff members closing the front door of the locker room so that Rockets in the hallway couldn’t enter from that direction, Clippers security officials intervened before any punches were thrown.

Things got heated on the court before any of the post-game stuff, with Griffin and Ariza both getting technical fouls for an incident toward the end of the game. There was also some clear feistiness between Griffin and Chris Paul, along with head coach Mike D'Antoni.

Los Angeles guard Austin Rivers was also heavily involved, despite not playing. He was chirping at the Rockets from the bench.

The Rockets are set to return to L.A. to play the Clippers on Wednesday, Feb. 28. It's on ESPN, thankfully.