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The NCAA Is Getting Destroyed For This Video About Paying Players

NCAA President Mark Emmert speaks on camera.

The NCAA's official Twitter account, @NCAA, tweeted out a video this afternoon titled, "What would happen if NCAA schools started paying men’s basketball and football players? Other sports would be eliminated."

It's unsurprisingly getting destroyed by fans and media members.

In the video, reporter Andy Katz asks NCAA president Mark Emmert about the possibility of paying players and what would happen if that occurred.

"You got to remember that this is in the context of higher education," Emmert said. "You've got to provide women with the same opportunities and support that men receive. If you were going to pay salaries to male athletes, you'd have to do the same to female athletes."

"If you were going to move into a model where you were just paying football and basketball athletes...the way athletic departments are going to do that is to eliminate other sports."

Here's the full video:

And here is some of the reaction:


The Final Four is set to get underway this evening. Michigan and Loyola are tipping off shortly after 6 p.m. E.T. Villanova and Kansas will follow. Both games are on TBS.