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The New York Yankees Are Reportedly Threatening To Boycott ESPN

ESPN's logo in red and white.

The New York Yankees are led by a former ESPN baseball analyst in Aaron Boone, but the franchise is currently extremely upset with the Worldwide Leader. They're reportedly so unhappy, in fact, that they're threatening to boycott.

USA TODAY's Bob Nightengale reports that the Yankees are furious with ESPN for scheduling them to play on Sunday night in Toronto on July 8, when they have a double-headed scheduled in Baltimore the next day.

The team would have to play three games in about 24 hours in two different cities.

USA TODAY has more details:

The Yankees are so furious that ESPN scheduled a July 8 Sunday Night Baseball game in Toronto, which precedes a doubleheader the next day in Baltimore, that they have threatened to boycott ESPN reporters the rest of the season, according to a person familiar with their protest.

The Yankees reached out to the Commissioner’s office after learning of ESPN’s plans while the players requested assistance last week from the union to intervene on their behalf.

The sides are cautiously optimistic that a resolution can

The Yankees have been on Sunday Night Baseball an insane amount over the last couple of years. There are certainly benefits to it, but you can understand New York for being upset in this situation.

Stay tuned.